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Strength & Conditioning

WESTLAKE THUNDER BASEBALL GENERAL STRENGTH TRAINING RULES 1. If you are going to play for Westlake Thunder Baseball you will need to follow the prescribed workout. Players should not attempt weights they cannot handle or...

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Pitcher’s Cheat Sheet

WESTLAKE THUNDER BASEBALL PITCHER’S “CHEAT” SHEET The pitcher has more influence on winning or losing than any other player. Good pitchers keep their cool and don’t stop competing when things go wrong! Listed below are some of...

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Proper Base Running

How to Run the Bases Here are some rules of thumb for baserunning 1. Don’t make the 1st or 3rd out at third base If you stop at 2nd with no outs, the hitter can move you up to 3rd with one out so you can score multiple different...

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Baseball Player Enhancement Program

32X Velocity Program

Quality At-Bats Academy


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